Urban Roof Terraces and Gardens

Throughout this collection of urban roof terraces and gardens, we worked to encompass the unique harmony between man’s work and variations of nature. This series of roof terraces and courtyard gardens draws inspiration from the structural components of their locations, proximity to available natural light, and each individual client’s needs.

Brian Sawyer
Tim Orlando

A rigorous light and shade study was used in conjunction with on-site verification to map seasonal opportunities and constraints for selecting a planting palate in this highly irregularly shaded space.

Sawyer added a carefully edited selection of low-maintenance plants and trees in lush layers around stonework. “Green, green, green,” he says. “It’s about ivy-Boston Ivy and English ivy- and staghorn ferns and moss. And boxwood.”
Brian Sawyer for Architectural Digest
"Beautifully resolved. It's simple, clean, and calm, but with an effective profusion of plants. The details and furnishings are fabulous. It looks like it would be well-used and much appreciated."
2007 New York ASLA Professional Award Jury Comments