Tribeca Lobby

We were asked to design the lobby, library, and courtyard of a condominium tower in downtown Manhattan. The client’s direction was very clear: the lobby would have no seating and thus would not become a gathering spot for people moving through. With this directive in mind, we envisioned minimalist spaces where bold architectural gestures would be limited, as would the colors-only black, white, grey- and the spaces would be linked by a consistent floor of pigmented concrete.

John Berson
Elisa Cauron
Brian Sawyer
Tim Orlando
Matt McKay

A shallow ramp is subtly integrated into the design. The lobby walls are white-framed prosceniums-two are windows to the street beyond, while the one facing you upon entry contains a white geometric sculpture inspired by a 1935 relief by the British artist Ben Nicholson, which we produced in collaboration with the artist’s estate.

The minimalist black-and-white scheme continues into the library, where the floor is pigmented concrete, the walls are black-stained wood, and the furniture is finished in black lacquer and leather.