The Pierre Hotel Ballroom

Our firm was asked to redesign the Pierre Hotel’s ballroom, stripping away the accumulated results of prior renovations and refashioning the room as a dramatic and architecturally unified space, returning it to its original, smaller volume. While this created a functional challenge, there was an opportunity to create a beautifully detailed and proportioned room on the footprint of the original.

We pursued an 18th-century French neoclassical design, referring to the powerful architectural ideas and features of the hotel’s French neoclassical 1930s exterior by Schultze & Weaver and honoring the great New York beaux-arts buildings of the period. The Ionic order was selected as a language appropriate to the building, expressing the hotel’s vision of recognizing the neoclassical grandeur of the exterior.

October 2022
John Berson
Brian Sawyer
Albert Yadao
Esther Cho
Thomas Papp
Gabe Yi

Versailles’s Petit Trianon inspired the monumental French doors and transoms. Detailing includes fluted Ionic piers, entablatures and cornices; are all cast plaster, as are the perimeter walls’ paneled dados, chair rails, pilasters, and elongated upper panels.

Added to the north and south walls are marble Louis XVI-style fireplaces and overmantels and trumeau mirrors.