Sagg Pond House

This project began when the clients came to us after seeing a house we had completed a few years earlier on the ocean in Bridgehampton, New York. The clients had purchased a waterfront property on Sagg Pond just down the street and were looking to build a modern home for themselves. This led to a decades-long relationship, during which we designed two more houses and gardens for the family on adjacent properties.

Keith Daily
Timothy Boyle
Tim Orlando
The house is entered from the side through a porch that includes a vanishing-edge granite fountain.

The first home was originally meant for all four family members and thus required four bedroom suites. We looked at pinwheel floor plan and massing precedents, especially among the early projects of Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright. The main floor contains two bedroom suites, a living room, media room, kitchen, screened porch and outdoor kitchen, dining terrace, and a swimming pool with views over Sagg Pond. The second-floor volume contains the other two bedroom suites.

The structure of the vegetable and cutting garden is provided by a grid of planting beds framed by clipped boxwood and divided by gravel paths.

The swimming pool and its flanking terraces engage with the outdoor kitchen and dining wing of the house. These outdoor living areas are bordered by the restored wetland along the western edge of Sagg Pond.