East End Compound

Our clients had just purchased a twelve-acre oceanfront estate in Long Island’s East End, and were looking for an architect and landscape architect to make some changes to the existing main house and site. What ensued was a wonderful collaboration that entailed a complete transformation of the property.

Guest House
Erik Peterson
Sarah Porter
Tim Orlando
Jose Luis Sobrino

The reconceived main house was designed as a center-hall Colonial Revival reminiscent of an East End shingled farmhouse, but on a larger scale. The five-bay central volume is flanked by a pair of double chimneys that conceal a whale watch deck. To either side are gable-roofed wings, modulating the large scale and conveying the impression of a historic house that had been added to over time. The entry façade is deliberately understated, with double-hung windows and a simple entry porch. The south waterfront façade is characterized by expansive glazing and a broad second-floor screened porch with majestic views over the dunes to the ocean beyond.

Semicircular bluestone steps flanked by evergreens and flowering shrubs lead to the guest house’s front door and its surround inspired by an early-eighteenth-century Long Island farmhouse.

The existing site was mostly lawn on the north side, bereft of trees and plantings, with a driveway down the center slicing the property in two. It was redesigned with a tree-lined elliptical drive surrounding a large central lawn, creating a multilayered view north from the main house to balance the expansive ocean view to the south. An extensive scheme of plantings, gardens, and outdoor living areas, implemented over a period of twenty years, is now maturing.