Bridgehampton House

The clients had enjoyed their house on this stunning oceanfront property in Bridgehampton, New York, for decades, but they were seeking to replace it as the home no longer suited their needs. Having admired a house we designed nearby, they came to us for a new and unique contemporary beach house that would serve as a multigenerational summer home.

Beachfront Estate
September 2020
Toshi Karato
Karen Pelella

This house features two distinct bedroom wings connected by a double-height living room that also unites the principal living room on the main level with the swimming pool terrace and its outdoor kitchen, which face the ocean. On the second floor, the two wings are linked by a balcony spanning the living room.

“We worked with Damon Liss to design a lifestyle and flow wtihin the house that consistently moved outwards. Out to the dunes, to the beach, to the ocean and horizon.”
Brian Sawyer
The primary bedroom, with its wraparound terrace, opens at its corner to expansive views of the ocean.

This area of Bridgehampton has been a laboratory for an eclectic array of modern architects since the 1960s, including Charles Gwathmey and Norman Jaffe. We were inspired by this tradition to create a house with a particular vision and style, and the result is a structure with a clear hierarchy of geometric forms, rendered with a limited palette of Alaskan yellow cedar, Jerusalem limestone, and bronze-colored aluminum windows, doors, and balconies.

The guest wing is set perpendicular to the main body of the house, slipping under its canopy to modulate the mass and rooflines.

To meet environmental guidelines, the house was placed on an elevated plinth, which provides a front lawn and garden for the main entrance to the north and the pool terrace to the south. The dune was stabilized and restored with native plantings and is traversed by a wood boardwalk. Vegetable and cutting gardens, as well as play areas, are nestled in the protected areas flanking the house. The beautiful interiors were done by our friend and colleague Damon Liss.